My First Entry

I have procrastinated for months on my first entry to my blog. What did I want to write? My first entry is going to be about thankfulness. I am thankful for my three children. Without them what would I be? I guess that sounds a little codependant. I guess they should be thankful for rescue so I don’t have more time to stalk them. I am thankful for Joe just still being alive. I am sad he can’t find peace and happiness. When he is sober he is the most awesome person alive. He is funny, charismatic and caring. But when that ugly alcohol monster rears it’s head he is not that person. I know it is disease, I hate it. I wish so much for him. Then there is Corey with so much personality and talent that he just sparkles. He hit a bump in the road a few years back, but is finally in a good place. I am thankful he found Chad and is happy! They will be here this week and I can’t wait to finally meet Chad. Then my daughter Megan. She just left so kind of hard to think her name without tearing up. I held it together til I got here to return the rental car. Seems like I just rented it. Once a year for seven days is not getting it. I had to run around the whole visit but I treasure every moment I can look at her in person. And so thankful for her fiancé Daniel. He has made her complete. I know my life stresses Megan and now Daniel has got a small taste of it. I am thankful for Dan and his family for giving Megan a family when I am not there. I am hoping to ease out of rescue if possible in the next year or so. I love each and every face that comes through my house and have a great passion for rescue, but I am getting older and I want to spend more time with my kids and grandkids if they ever get here. I have a grandbeardie, grandcat, and new grandpuppy. But would love a grandchild in the next few years.